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Stepping into HAMUDIO

Pre-sales and after-sales whole process tracking to free customers from worries.


Customer service   specialist    
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the sales and after-sales work of the company's products, and maintain good customer relationship with the old customers;
2. Assist Sales Manager in customer service work;
3. Collect customers'needs and opinions and feedback them to relevant departments in time to provide basis for the improvement of products and services;
4. Be responsible for the internal management of the company's orders, and archive the customer information by computer.
Qualification: 1. College degree or above, secretarial, marketing and other related majors;
2. One year experience in customer service;
3. Skilled in operating office software (WordExcel), typing speed is not less than 40 words/minute;
4. Putonghua standard, fluent, sweet voice, good communication skills and adaptability;
5. Good teamwork ability and strong customer service awareness.


 Electronic Technician  
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the maintenance and service of after-sales products;
2. Cooperate with R&D project development;
3. Actively cooperate with the supervisor and conscientiously complete the work arranged by the supervisor.
Qualification: 1. Technical secondary school or above in mechanical or electronic information related specialty;
2. Have more than one year related electrician experience and electrician certificate;
3. Understanding of digital and analog circuits, skilled in using various maintenance tools, understanding of circuit board maintenance;
4. Strong practical ability, knowledgeable effect device, power amplifier maintenance is preferred.


 software engineer    
Responsibilities: 1. Graduation of computer, electronic information and software related majors;
2. Familiar with C/C++ programming and related development environment such as VC++/VS;
3. Have used VC++/VS to do PC interface, familiar with MFC or Windows API, understand Windows message mechanism;
4. Familiar with the principles and applications of basic communication protocols such as serial port, USB, TCP/IP;
5. Love programming, strong learning ability, can solve problems encountered in work independently, have good programming habits;
6. More than one year experience in active amplifier or professional audio industry is preferable.
 Audio Engineer    
Responsibilities: 1. Provide customers with relevant product consultation, assist sales department to complete pre-sale and post-sale technical support work;
2. Assist salesmen to complete the project list configuration, illustration design, drawing and other solutions and the production of tender documents;
3. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of the company's audio project;
4. Responsible for the technical knowledge training of the company's sales team;
Job requirements: 1. Male, college degree or above, major in electronics, electronics and acoustics;
2. More than two years experience in audio installation and commissioning, can complete product technical support work;
3. Familiar with well-known brands of lighting and audio at home and abroad, with experience in engineering design and construction coordination of sound systems;
4. Good communication skills, able to cooperate with sales travel;
5. Familiar with AUTOCAD engineering drawing and common office software.